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Welcome to our young non - profit organization the “Middle East RFID Association" - MERFIDA -  
Our mission is to encourage the use of RFID in the Middle East as enabler to the Business, Industry, Retail and Government Sectors to increase efficiency and transparency on all transactions.


We have a very exciting task ahead of us and by joining MERFIDA you too can be involved in changing the face of business in our region. Through the dedicated professionals, experts, executive committee and advisory board, we will foster a co-operative and mutually beneficial working environment between all of our members and serve as the focal point for the dissemination of information, encouraging the use of RFID Technology in the Arab Region and the Greater Middle East.


If you are a scientist, student, businessman, entrepreneur, doctor, professor or interested in today’s RFID technology, you are welcome to join our global chain through this unique association.


At MERFIDA we combine the knowledge of RFID projects in 30 countries in the Middle East and beyond along with our global networking through the International RFID Business Association. On this global platform, we communicate, share knowledge and ideas which will help the adoption of RFID solutions in our region and worldwide.  When you join MERFIDA the magic of international knowledge share on RFID subjects is available for you to enjoy and contribute to.

I am honored to have been nominated as the President and would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone that has contributed to our organization.

Many thanks for Mr. Ignacio Adrogue and his team at Elysium for their tremendous Art Work on the website and their commitment to MERFIDA.

My sincere thanks to Harry Pappas our Chairman, Craig Cook, Dr. Wassim Raad, Muhannad Shaban, Tasneem Iqbal, Mrs. Seonaid Macfarlane, Amna Al Ali  and others for their support and contribution.

Warmest Regards,


Catina G. Aghayan

Middle East RFID Association




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